How Does Getting A Full Stack Developer Certification Help You?

Most people today must be familiar with the meaning of words like website, Google, computers, engineers, etc. because the Internet and Communication technology have become an extremely intricate and embedded part of lifestyle across the globe. Even in remote and rural settings, the majority of people find technology to be an integral part of their daily life.

While the interface that is provided to the users makes the use of the internet equivalent to just a glide on the screen, the back-end work is not at all so easy. One new application that might be as simple as a ‘whack a mole’ takes hours of coding, errors, and patience. One dedicated profession that offers this job is a full-stack developer. While the name might sound way too intimidating, we shall guide you through what it means to be a full-stack developer and how you can become one.

Decoding the Job!

The creation and designing of websites and applications are what fall under the ambit of the profession. Both the front-end and back-end of websites and interfaces are controlled by such a person. While working as a full stack developer, you would be required to build new product features or APIs (application programming interface), fix bugs, do troubleshooting, perform tests, etc. Given the ever-evolving and all-encompassing nature of technology today, the limits of what one can do in this job are pushed with every passing second. Innovation is the need of the hour. But with creative ideas, you need a lot of learning in programming languages too.

Skills Needed

A full stack developer’s first skill required is that the person should be internet and tech-savvy. Front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Python, etc. should be a developer’s best friend. Their behavior pattern, programming facilities, advantages, shortcoming, and various other features should be well known and understood by him/ her.

Attention to detail is another important hands-on skill. One should know what should comprise the home page, how navigation to different sections will occur, what a drop-down menu comprises, etc. They should be vigilant enough to learn by observing the layouts of other websites and interfaces. Other than that, creativity and innovative thinking abilities are another set of welcomed qualities in a web developer.

Having read all of that, you might be having a fair share of ideas about what the job is all about. Schools at all levels, primary, secondary, and higher secondary, have been receptive to this change and hence, courses are being offered in scripting languages in most of the curriculums. Various coaching institutes have also ventured into the domain. Coding indeed has become a skill that a coder can proudly flaunt. If you find yourself interested in the field, we would urge you to read further to know how full-stack developer certification will reap profits in your professional life.

The World Needs You

As much as the world needs doctors, teachers, manual laborers, etc. the world needs full-stack developers. This need arises out of the increased use of technology and the thirst of human beings for more and more convenience. For a long time, the multi-layered curation of interfaces and applications required a big task force with different people performing different tasks. However, the competition facing the individuals made them realize that it is indeed possible for one single person to get through all three layers of the process (presentation, logic, and database) by themselves. This was a win-win situation for the companies as they save money by recruiting lesser employees. Hence, they look for multi-talented and multi-tasking people. Jack of all trades is rather becoming a master of all as well, it seems.

Handsome Pay

A full-stack developer will naturally be paid higher than a mere coder or someone else who is just getting one job done. In India, the average salary of a full stack developer is recorded to be 6 lakhs per annum which can go up to 14 LPA or higher in due course. Glassdoor research tells us that the salary of an entrant in the field starts at 3.5 LPA. Isn’t it alluring and a good enough reason to invest in this skill?

Multiple Places to Work At

Being a full-stack developer does not mean you would only be working with IT giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. Educational institutions need well-curated websites as part of their infrastructure. The same goes for healthcare centers as better presentation earns better results. The banking system needs encrypted and confidential sites that can be trusted with transactions as well. You could even use your knowledge to disseminate the skill amongst other learners. Startups have been trending for quite some time too. Hence, the possibilities are many. It can be said that the sky is indeed the limit.

Flexibility at Work

Given the multi-layered knowledge a full stack developer possesses, it is his/ her wish which end of the spectrum they want to primarily operate with. You can either enhance the user interface or expand the database of the application. You can be creative or scientific. Or even the best of both worlds! Hence, a developer can exercise his/her discretion at work.

Better Productivity

Given the range of operations one is familiar with, a full-stack developer has an edge over a simple programmer. The decision-making and precision of the former will also be better in most cases as he/ she can understand every requirement and a possible problem with a project in a more nuanced manner.

The Pandemic

The need for these professionals has been on a constant rise since the 1980s but the COVID-19 pandemic also gave an impetus to the profession. It can indeed be said that web development was amongst the few positives that the pandemic offered humankind. The need for connectivity has resulted in the world becoming a global village. The IT sector was an all-out winner during the much dreaded period. From education to medicine, IT covered it all. And full stack developers were the ones who earned high profits in due course.

These were some of the points that justify the surge in people enrolling in full-stack development certification courses. We hope they help you make an informed choice about your career.

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