The most effective method to Make Chinese Moon Cake Recipe

Moon cakes are made during the eighth month of the lunar Chinese calender. The genuine date for praising the celebration is on the fifteenth of the eighth month of the lunar Chinese schedule. Typically wooden molds are utilized for making moon cakes. These days plastic molds are utilized on the grounds that it is a lot less expensive. There are numerous structures on the shape. It very well may be purchased at any shops selling elements for cakes.



* 1/2 kg sugar

* 1/2 cups water

* 2 cuts lemon

Heat up the syrup for about an hour until it turns brilliant brown.To test whether it is prepared, pour a tbsp of syrup in chilly water. In the event that it isolates it is prepared. On the off chance that it transforms into a ball, the syrup is excessively thick. Include all the more water.When done, keep in a cool spot for about fourteen days before use.The remaining syrup can be saved for sometime later.

Baked good:

* 350-400 g wheat flour

* 60 g brilliant syrup

* 50 g oil

* 1 tsp soluble water


Set up the baked good: Mix all the cake fixings in a bowl. On the off chance that it is excessively delicate, include more flour. It ought to be delicate however not adhere to the fingers. Separation into 6 parts. Each part around 50 g. Let it rest for at any rate 60 minutes.


* 500 g red beans (wash and splash for the time being)

* 500 g sugar

* 200 ml oil

* 1 tsp vanilla substance

* 50 g pumpkin seeds (privately known as ‘kuaci’)

1. Cook the red beans till delicate and dry. Mix red bean in a blender while still hot with the skin till fine.

2. To cook the bean glue, pour in sugar and red bean glue in a wok and continue mixing to forestall staying. At the point when blend thickens, include oil and essence.Keep mixing till cook. At the point when it is prepared, the glue will leave the side of the wok clean. Relegate and cool it in the fridge.

3. At the point when the glue is firm, blend pumpkin seed with the red bean glue. Gap into 6 parts. Each segment about 150g.

4. Smooth every mixture and include filling in the middle. Wrap the batter into a ball. Residue it with flour.

5. Shape the batter in a moon cake form. Press marginally. At that point take it out. Spot in a preparing plate and brush with beaten eggs. Prepare for 15 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius.

Note: Other fillings, for example, lotus seeds, green beans or sweet potato can be utilized. Egg yolks can be included focus of the fillings whenever utilized. Steam the egg yolk before adding to the filling.

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