The Pros of Pastel Palettes

Although traditionally a spring favourite, there’s no doubt that you can look pretty in pastel at any time of the year. We simply adore the icy palettes on everything from food to flowers, and the gorgeous yet understated tones can really bring your wardrobe alive. Whether baby blue is your colour or if you’re a pink girl at heart, you don’t need an excuse to embrace pastels this season. Let’s take a look at some chic designs that will help you look your brilliant best in pastel.

The best way to brighten your day

When the unpredictable British weather is doing its thing, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful pastel colour to bring some sunshine to the darkest of days. Pastel tones are super refreshing and are a wonderful way to inject some positive vibes into your wardrobe. Although understated, pastels allow you to carry a minimal look without being boring. So, whether you opt for a statement-making dress or some chic tops, pastels are the best way to give off positive vibes with your outfit all year round, be it spring, summer, or even the height of winter.

The coolest makeup trend

Pastel makeup is very much in this season and is an ideal way to enhance your look. From shimmery frosted lips to matte eyeshadows, elevate your style with a carefully selected pastel palette. The beauty of pastel makeup is that you can make anything work. Who doesn’t love a frosted, silvery lip to add an element of drama to the day? Equally, a pop of pastel colour with a matte eyeshadow can revolutionise your makeup game, and you can choose the right colours to match your outfit with distinction. To bring a flirtatious element to your makeup bag, don’t forget a pastel pink blush, which is perfect for date night.

Be ready for anything

Do you want to know the best thing about pastel? It goes with absolutely everything. There’s no doubt that pastel is the easiest colour palette to mix and match as it provides you with a great foundation to work from. We just love how complementary cool icy versions of colours are with such a broad range of designs and styles. Be it a gorgeous new top, a statement coat, or a formal evening dress for an upcoming event, pastel palettes are a trend that will make your life that little bit easier this season. Be sure to find the perfect pastel statement piece for your upcoming soiree, so you can turn heads for all the right reasons.


From a dreamy bouquet of roses to adorable pastel cupcakes, pastel palettes are a stunning aesthetic for curating your feed. Try matching best friend necklaces in pink or elevate your style with blue and yellow acrylic nails to showcase your unique pastel style. No matter how you showcase your style and look, basing your feed on a pastel palette will be sure to deliver the likes that you crave.

Now, we’re not saying that everything needs to be pastel, but it’s the perfect palette to work with this season. Make sure your wardrobe is equipped with beautiful pastel numbers that you can turn to when you’re undecided about the look that you’re going for, as pastel is perfect for every occasion.

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