Hire professional movers for safely moving your fine art

Are you an art lover? Do you possess a large number of costly artifacts?  If you are moving your residence, then you must take proper care of artifacts for moving to a new place. There are chances that your colors of your costly paintings may fade away or your costly sculpture may get broken in the transit. You should never take any risk while moving such costly items. You must hire Movers in Toronto, GTA to move such items. Museums and art galleries also take proper care while moving such items.

How to move artifacts?

What guidelines must be followed for moving artifacts? In simple words, you must take care of each and every movement of these costly items. Here are some suggestions.

– Proper planning and packing

Proper planning is required to move the fine arts. It also depends on the fine art that you have. The important things to consider when moving art is to determine the material whether it is canvas or it is framed in glass, size, dimensions, unusual shapes, weight, etc. Considering these things will help you to determine what type of packing material should be used and how they should be shipped.

– Packing materials 

All the fine art pieces are precious and thus professionals use high-quality materials for packing them. Most of the materials they use are eco-friendly like glassine paper and packing peanuts. For the paintings that are framed under glass and foam is used to prevent breakage. Other packing materials include poly wrap, bubble wraps, packing tape, corner protectors for cardboard, foam board, shredded packing paper, etc.

– Pack items using two boxes

The delicate pieces need an extra layer of protection. Most of these items are packed using double boxes. The art piece is first packed in a made to measure box which is then packed in a large box. The space in between the boxes is filled with bubble wraps and foam to absorb the shocks during the transit.

– Custom crating

Not all paintings and sculptures are made in a standard size. Thus, professionals get custom wooden crates made to pack them safely. Artworks are not robust and might get affected due to weather. For them climate-controlled crates are used. These crates will keep the precious belongings safe and ensure their safety during transit.

– Temporary storage

If your destination is not yet ready to store your precious possessions, you might need temporary storage. So, when hiring the moving companies, check out the reviews of the Movers in Toronto and find out who is the best. Also you must ensure that your artifacts are stored separately from other items, because there is risk of other heavy items falling on them and causing damage. Most of the companies that specialize in moving precious items have a storage space that is equipped with climate control and security systems.

Moving precious artworks and fine art is no more a hassle in Toronto as Let’s Get Moving specializes in moving such items. They have climate-controlled vehicles in which they transport your treasures safely. They also take care of the customs clearance and documentation in case you are moving out of the country.

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