How Can You Spread Topsoil in the Best Possible Ways?

If you are maintaining a lawn at home then in order to maintain them you need to add top soil time to time which is also known as topdressing. This will help you to improve the appearance of your garden grass and hence you must select right kind of soil.

You may also visit in the mean time the website where you will find many different kinds of top dressers and you can select a right model based on the size of your lawn.

You need to keep in mind the following while spreading your top soil.

  • Identify weaker spots

There are a number of reasons for adding top soil. One of the reasons can be the spots where water usually gets pooled up. Also, there may be few dry patches where there will be dead grasses.

Identify those areas and the best time to do top dressing when your lawn is growing actively.

  • Prepare and test the soil

Based on your location, your lawn soil can either be sandy or clay and therefore you must check the type of soil. If your soil is drastically different then you may add clay, sand or peat as needed.

Then use aerator machine to aerate those areas that need topdressing.

  • Add topsoil

You must add about 1/8” to ¼” of top soil layer on those areas of the lawn where there are dead patches seen. Take a bucketful of top soil and gently try to spread over the selected areas.

Where there was depression, try to leave the soil little mounded and then allow it to settle with time.

  • Top it with grass seed

Use a metal rake for gently working on the top soil to match with the existing soil by doing proper leveling and ensuring that they are properly levelled and then spread the grass seeds on those areas.

You may also mix few seeds with the top soil materials too. Gently water those areas regularly till you notice the germination of the seeds with small growth of grasses.

  • Considerations

Check for presence of any rocks in the area before you put topsoil. Make sure that pH of the soil is between 5.5 to 7 by adding sand or clay as per the requirement.

In order to increase fertility of the area, where you are adding top soil, you may also mix about 1 to 2 inches of mulch layer.

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