How to Choose the Perfect Even for your Family

Traditional gas ovens have been serving a lot of families over the years. But, advancements in appliances and technology have made it possible for manufacturers to produce electric ovens. Both gas and electric ovens offer different benefits. A gas oven is ideal for homes with a gas line installed while an electric oven is for new homeowners who don’t’ want to use gas. Most electric ovens allow users to set pre-programmed heat settings. But, finding replacement parts for these ovens can be hard.

Whatever type of oven you choose, the tips below will help you pick an oven suitable for your needs and budget:

Choose a Capacity

A single oven would work for you if you have a family with 2-4 members. But, if you have a big family, you may want to consider getting a double-range oven to cook more dishes simultaneously. Check out your options at A single oven comes with a compartment or opening for baking while the majority of common double ovens have two compartments.

Consider the Space the Oven will Use

If your home is small, consider where you would place the oven in the kitchen. If your house is still in construction, consider getting a wall oven. This oven looks like it’s part of the wall. The more traditional range oven is often rectangular and quite bulky. It takes up plenty of space on the kitchen floor. Also, a compact oven is an option if you cannot get a wall oven for your small kitchen.

Think about How Much Cooking you Will Do

A standard 24” wall oven may be sufficient for most people. However, if you plan to make big roasts or massive turkeys for the holidays, this oven size won’t cut it. Consider what you plan to cook in the oven and this can help you decide on what will work best for you.

Decide on the Features you Will Need

Some dual ovens can let you cook a turkey in one while you bake a pie in another. Also, a convection oven helps you cook food more evenly and is more available than ever before. Another feature you may want to consider is a glass door. This feature will save you money on wasted energy since you will be peeking less. Timer and delayed start features can be great to have in an oven too. You will appreciate the value of an oven that shuts itself off after the programmed cooking time has elapsed.

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